Whitetower is named for a massive two-mile tall rectangular tower at the center of the city. The tower is popularly believed to date back to the ancient elven empire, and is probably the tallest, if not the largest surviving piece of ancient elven architecture.

The tower is supposedly haunted, cursed, and has a portal to hell at the bottom of its dungeons.


Windward Docks: The district of docks to the north of the tower.

  • Soldiers everywhere
  • Papers papers I must see your papers.

Naval Docks: The district of docks directly east of the tower.

  • You want a piece of me boy
  • A hundred years ’fore the mast
  • Home Base of the White Fleet

Leeward Docks: The district of docks to the south of the tower.

  • Smells like fish & shit
  • The Bottoms

Tower Hill: an apron-like hill around the base of the tower.

  • Moon-elf mansions
  • Soldiers everywhere
  • Keep Off the Grass, Mortal

Market District: A large bazaar district inland south of the tower.

  • Everything for sale
  • Soldiers everywhere
  • Hope you can Haggle


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