The lands in the center of the continent of Tezra ruled by the Elves. Traditionally, Elvendom has been a confederation of fifteen kingdoms. Since the rise of Rashellin’s imperial order, Elvendom has been ruled by the Empire of Elvenkind. Important locations within Elvendom include:

It’s capitol, Jenda.
The great city of the Shade-Elves, Sigganda, former capitol of the Kingdom of Sigginor.
The border gateway city between the lands of the Dragons and the Elves, Kizalda.
Meminda, a half-ruined city. Former capitol of the Kingdom of Memnalith.

Important people in Elvendom include:

The Imperial Family:
Rashellin, the Empress.
Caedin, her consort.

The Imperial Cabinet
Prime Minister Heivit.
Law Minister Maeglin
Aramira Imperial Librarian
Risaglith Minister of the Eastern Exterior.
Arch-Priestess Tira.
Taicanar, Special Minister for Kallasihyan Welfare
Grand Marshall Kallembit.
Public Works Minister Ejelian
Amesian, Minister for Non-Elven Affairs


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