The domain of the dragons. Ruled by the surviving Draconic Pantheon. Situated on the far east of the continent of Tezra.

There are three primary areas within the dragonlands:

The Blacklands includes the southern border area with Elvendom and The Free Kingdoms. This area is directly ruled by Grickard, the “king of the dragons”. Grickard’s favorite food is other dragons, so the Blacklands are relatively safe for travellers. Grickard’s underlings sate any hunger for the meat of humans at Port Flesh, the major slaving hub in this section of the world.

West of the Blacklands in the south are the territories ruled by Eiya. Eiya does not recognize Grickard as dragonkind’s legitimate king, and Grickard would probably lose a fight with her. Eiya’s lands are the richest territories in Tezra or Brea. Golden Bay is the largest maritime city in this area of the world.

Northeast of Eiya’s lands, north of the Blacklands and sandwiched against the northern end of the border with Elvendom is the Valley of Slaughter. Younger dragons lay their broods in this valley to limit the damage done to Grickard and Eiya’s lands. Very little survives very long in the valley.


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