Session 1 - In which walls are built

And Roger Ruckett beats up some dudes

The Dreaming Knight was hired to get a large shard of the heart of the dragon, Tamrickard, for a mysterious employer. An elven party was crashed, thugs were viciously murdered, and walls were built. All in all, a great success.


Also, Admiral Gath delivered a letter to Roger Ruckett from Arnold Hatehowl, Remus’s Cousin, the White Sheep of the Hatehowl family (which he has disregarded). The elves who are in Freeport are huddled between a graveyard and an ossuary because their queen is a necromancer, and they really hate the Imperial Consort for murdering their husbands/fathers/sons.

Also, while palming through Rastisha’s papers, Richter learned that she’s agreed to help Surishand locate fragments of the Heart of Tamrickard if he will help her recover a painting made by the Empress Rashellin back before the elves made their empire.

Oh, and Richter still has 4 knowledge declarations and two points of spin that he can use on Queen Rastisha in future social exchanges.

Also, the orc bouncer, Giger, at your regular bar was once forced to eat human flesh.

And you’re sailing for a town called Iron Bay, which is a few hundred leagues to the other side of Victing (or about 150 miles, if you’re going off the map. And you’d probably better, because the exact length of a league varies from one place to the next).


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