Session III: A Wild Goose Chase
Where is the Captain and Roger's pet Fae

Zoren was struck by an inexplicable illness and spent the entirety of the session under the care of The Dreaming Knight’s doctor.

When Roger and Richter return to the Knight, they find that the captain is missing. They go to search for the captain and run into the same elf from the night before. She offers to buy the piece of jewelry that she’d previously tried to steal, and agrees to pay Roger the sum of 2,500 Imperial Silver Swans for it.

Session II: The Haunting of Iron Bay Abbey
A Faerie Conflagration

Four days after leaving Freeport, The Dreaming Knight arrives outside Iron Bay to find a battle in progress. Two large evil-looking galleons (Pride of Ig and Flockslaughterer) fight off a White Fleet squadron. After a short time, the White Fleet retires to the west. The Galleons take up station in front of the Iron Channel. As The Dreaming Knight approaches, the Galleons lower a spokesman on a small boat.

The spokesman explains that the galleons have come to Iron Bay on a peaceful mission and that the galleons are too big to enter Iron Bay without having to kedge back out the channel. For now, the White Fleet has destroyed most of the smaller boats on the galleons. The spokesman asks that the Knight convey the peaceful wishes of the Galleons to the residents of Iron Bay. Once finished with the spokesman, the Knight heads to town.

In town, an armed crowd has gathered along the docks. Although Iron Bay is supposed to be a free city, Imperial Elven banners fly from the top of the castle, the watchtowers and every stronghouse. The Knight heaves into port and comes to a stop near the end of the long docks. The crowd moves to block off that dock. After some time, four people step out of the crowd and move down the dock to where the knight has tied off: An elven wizard, an overdressed old man in a gaudy military uniform, and two guards, one carrying an Elven Imperial banner, the other carrying the banner of Iron Bay.

The man in the uniform insisted that Iron Bay was closed to all sea traffic by order of the empress, but after dropping the name “Valan” and a short conversation, the Knight was allowed to enter the town. Once secure in port, the party went about gathering information. The party quickly learned that the port had been closed because of the presence of the White Fleet. The White Fleet had destroyed several fishing boats, and the remaining fishermen had decided to remain in port.

With fishing shut down, most of the rest of Iron Bay had shut down also. When the Pride of Ig and the Flockslaughterer arrived and drove off the White Fleet, the city panicked. Along with the growing threat from the sea, strange happenings had manifested at the abbey on the hill to the west of the town. The party decided to investigate the abbey.

At the abbey, the party found the main gate locked. Richter easily scaled the walls and the others followed. After a cursory look over the gardens, the party made its way to the stables. The stables were found to have been stripped of everything that was not nailed down. The party found no signs of tack, tools, feed or horses. The party then entered the main abbey kitchens.

The party found the kitchens totally destroyed. Cutlery, shattered dishware and the remains of whatever had been cooking were thrown around the kitchens to no apparent purpose. The party moved into the main section of the abbey only to find it completely dark. Zoren Valen lit his lantern and a cloud of flies scattered.

The dark room showed itself as the main sanctuary of the abbey. A few human bodies lay scattered between pews and in the main aisles, and four dead horses lay across the dais at the front. The party tried to light torches in order to see, but the torches flickered out as soon as the party let go of them.

The party moved up the balcony to the front of the building and noticed that no light was coming through the large stained-glass windows that wrapped around the building. Although sunlight should have been shining through, the unnatural darkness seemed to be holding it back. Roger decided to try to break the window and Richter found a weak spot. In two punches roger shattered one pane of glass. As the shards of glass broke outwards and the sun came in, the party heard an unearthly scream.

The shook up Zoren and the glass from the window pulled itself back together, though all of the cracks in the pane remained. Looking around for the source of the scream, the party found a woman’s necklace under one of the pews in the balcony.

Once finished searching the balcony, the party moved to ascend the stairs towards the front of the sanctuary. The stairway leads up to a long wide hallway. A torch is already burning at the other end of this hallway. This hallway does not have any of the unnatural darkness from the sanctuary, and the torches lit here are not extinguished when they leave a human hand. A shape at the end of the hallway catches the party’s attention, and in pursuing it they come to another hallway. The second hallway has several rooms off to the right.

Whatever shape the party had seen has disappeared. The party looks into the first room and finds a hysterical gardener. After calming the gardener, the party learns that he is the only one alive on the upper floor. Zoren gives the man something to eat and the man tells the party of how everything was drawn into the abbey one night two weeks before. When whatever happened, everyone in the grounds grabbed everything they could carry and just came into the abbey. The gardener can’t really describe what happened next, but whatever happened was enough to scare him very badly. The gardener suggests that there may be other survivors in the cellar.

The party moves back down through the back of the sanctuary past the dead horses to find the entrance to the cellar. The steps down to the cellar are lined with freshly-stripped human skulls at about eye level all the way down. At the bottom of the stairs, the party finds a faerie. At first the party can’t understand the fae creature, but the faerie quickly casts a spell on Zoren so that the party can understand him.

The Faerie explains that there has been some sort of breach between the Realm of Faerie and the normal world. Several faeries have been pulled in, along with the unnatural Shade, which is trying to kill all of them and erase all traces of Faerie from the real world. The faerie stresses that there is no hope of survival for the humans, and offers to kill them quickly so that they won’t have to suffer a slow death at the hands of the Shade. The Faerie then catches sight of Roger’s elven knife and attacks. Roger quickly grabs the Faerie by its neck and Zoren stabs it to death. Before it dies, the Faerie screams for reinforcements. The party hears something large on four legs coming from deeper inside the cellar, so they turn and run back upstairs. The party clears the stairs and slams the door before whatever was coming can make it up the stairs.

Whatever the faerie called slams against the door once or twice, then runs back down to come up another way. When the fae thing comes up the other staircase, it leaps right out into the dark sanctuary and is immediately crushed by the darkness. What little remains of the fae thing quickly boils away. The party goes back upstairs and finds the abbot’s journal. The journal mentions a purification ritual to drive Faerie influences out of the abbey, then says that some novices have begun to have odd dreams.

From the abbot’s journal, the party decides to investigate one of the outbuildings used as a dormatory. They find the building in a chaotic state. The front door looks to have been bashed off its hinges from the inside and the inside is in general disarray. One novice’s journal describes a dream that matches Surichand’s description of Rastisha’s attempt to scry for the large piece of the Heart of Tamrickard. The journal suggests searching the garden in more detail. The party does so and finds a small piece of purple stone shaped somewhat like an icicle.

At length, the party learns that the purple stone appears to glow brightly when one stands some distance away from it. As it begins to get late, the party decides to spend the night at an inn.

The party are awakened in the middle of the night by an elf trying to steal the piece of jewelry they found in the Abbey loft. After a brief conversation, she enchants the icicle-shaped purple crystal so that it repels the Shade within the abbey. Armed with the crystal, the party obtains the large piece of the Heart of Tamrickard from the Abbot’s private garden and rescues the lone man trapped in the abbey’s second floor.

Session 1 - In which walls are built
And Roger Ruckett beats up some dudes

The Dreaming Knight was hired to get a large shard of the heart of the dragon, Tamrickard, for a mysterious employer. An elven party was crashed, thugs were viciously murdered, and walls were built. All in all, a great success.


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