They That Fell

Two dozen skyscraper-sized reptilian monsters that fell into the world and ended The Age Before. The dead ones are:

Tamrickard: the original dark lord of dragonkind, a massive winged red dragon killed by Riggadar with the Sword of Memories during the final battle between the elves and the dragons.

Ulrickard: A great green wingless monster killed by Sagganar as proof that the dragons could actually be killed by elves. Ulrickard was the first dragon to die.

Irya: A silver winged dragon, killed by Quenian (proved that sun-elves could kill dragons just as well as shade-elves).

Sakria: A black wingless dragon. Sakria was killed and devoured by Chasm thirty-eight hundred years ago.

Sathickard: A wingless brown dragon, killed and devoured by Grickard and Sholckard.

Besalckard: A silver winged dragon, devoured by Eiya thirty-eight hundred years ago.

Manyackard: A golden winged dragon, devoured by Eiya in the Golden War

Nijya: A black winged dragon, devoured by Eiya in the Golden War. Before the Golden War, most of Grickard’s hatchlings came from Nijya. All but one of Grickard’s firsters is a hatchling from Nijya.

Oryen, a wingless red dragon, devoured by Eiya in the Golden War.

Rastickard: A sea dragon. It’s heartless body was hauled into Port Flesh by sea monsters two-hundred years ago. What was left of his body is draped over a small set of island cliffs outside the entrance to Port Flesh. Rastickard is believed to have been killed by Ferma. His former underlings serve Grickard at Port Flesh.

The Major Dragon leaders are:

Eiya: A gold dragon who came out of the war with the elves unharmed. Refused to acknowledge Grickard as king. Rules most of the Dragonlands alone. Beat off an attempt by Grickard and his followers to devour her eight hundred years ago in an event known as the Golden War.

Grickard: A winged black dragon. Proclaimed himself king of the dragons when Tamrickard was killed.

Chasm: A wingless dragon of The World Beneath. The only known earth dragon. Rules all of the dwarves in Tezra. Dwarves not subject to Chasm’s rule are subject to the Edict of Eradication.

Ferma: A blue dragon of the sea. Ruled the world’s seas with Rastickard. Has not been seen since Rastickard was found dead. Nominally subject to Grickard.

Grickard’s followers include:

Sholkard: A winged black dragon. Severely wounded by Memnalis in the final battle between elves and dragons. Despite sustained weakness from this wound, Sholckard is Grickard’s Those who worship the dragons style Sholkard as the god of death.

Remya: A wingless brown dragon. Most of Grickard’s hatchlings since the Golden War have come from Remya’s eggs.

Kanya: A winged red dragon.

Eleckard: A wingless red dragon, serves Grickard.

They That Fell

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