Sea Combat House Rules

The Strands of Fate rules for vehicular combat do not really work for the kind of open sea combat one we will encounter.

As such, the following house rules are in effect for ship combat:

The Systems Skill:

Instead of being used for Electronic Wafare, the Systems skill is used to defend against stress inflicted on the ship’s sails, masts, rigging, rudder and helm.

The System stress track is used for tracking stress inflicted on the ship’s ability to maneuver. In the case of sailing ships, this means it tracks stress inflicted on the sails, masts, rigging, rudder and helm of the ship.

Point Cost Changes

According to the base rules, a ship of scale 3 at Tech Level 3 can not simultaneously take the Cargo Hold advantage and retain the ability to maneuver. This is utterly unworkable, so the Cargo Hold skill has been reduced to One advantage points and requires a corresponding aspect (In the case of The Dreaming Knight, this aspect is “Smuggler Ketch”).

Size Rating Changes:

1: Canoe, rowboat
2: Dingy, Lifeboat, Fishing Boats
3: Gunboat, Cutter, Packet Boat, Sloop, Ketch, Whaling Boat etc.
4: 6th-rate frigates, small galleons
5: Large frigates, 4th-rate Line-of-Battle Ships, medium galleons.
6: 3rd-rate Line-of-Battle Ships, Large Galleons
7: 1st & 2nd rate Line-of-Battle Ships

These changes in size and scale will allow for a broader amount of differentiation between sailing ships. This change also narrows the difference between size classes, so each size class now has the following ability points:

1: 9 Ability points, 1 advantage point
2: 14 Ability points, 2 Advantage points
3: 19 Ability points, 3 Advantage points
4: 21 Ability points, 5 Advantage points
5: 26 Ability points, 8 Advantage points
6: 28 Ability points, 13 Advantage points
7: 33 Ability points, 21 Advantage points

I am not going to mess with Base Costs for now, but everything of size 5 or bigger is pretty much only available to governments and obscenely rich people who have corrupted governments.

Sea Combat House Rules

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