Recent History

The Elven Civil War ended in 3812 with the abolition of the Fifteen Kingdoms and the near universal recognition of Rashellin as empress of Elvenkind. The new empress quickly consolidated her rule and made plans for the construction of a new imperial capitol. In 3825, Empress Rashellin magically constructed her new capitol city in a single night.

The few thousand elves that have refused to recognize Rashellin as empress fled to cities along the Long Sea.

In the Dragonlands, the long war between Eiya and Grickard remains relatively quiet.

In Brea, the Moon-Elves and the new Orcen Union are nine years into a fifty year truce.

Few ships risk traveling beyond the eastern and western oceans. To the far west is the land of Ekan, known mostly from the merchants and slavers that make their way to Golden Bay and Port Flesh respectively. The far east is unknown. No ships that have made a voyage across the Eastern Ocean have ever returned. To the far south are the lands of Im and Omm, which are inhabited by feral imps and man-eating giants.

Recent History

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