When the world came out of Fthandan’s great oven, the gods looked at it in disgust.
“It’s too dry” they said.
So Fthandan made the oceans.
“It’s too dead” they said.
So Fthandan made all green things.
“Why doesn’t anything on it move?”
So Fthandan made the animals
“Can’t anything talk?”
So Fthandan made humans, but the gods were not impressed.
So Fthandan made the dwarves but the gods thought little of things that rooted about out of sight.
So Fthandan made the elves and the gods stopped their complaining. The gods hosted a great feast and Fthandan got drunk as only a master chef can.
So Fthandan made the orcs who all agreed were greater even than the elves until the next morning.
But even then Fthandan thought his orcs a fine addition to his recipe of worlds.

— Excerpt from the saga of Fthandan Worldbaker, the Orcen creation myth.

Orcs are tall, muscular, long-lived creatures of immense physical strength.

Orcs originally came to Brea from the lands of Ekan across the Western Ocean just before the dragons fell into the world. At the time of their arrival, Brea had been ruled by the Southern Dwarves, who thought the orcs would be useful for policing the surface world and keeping the elves from settling Brea.

In large measure, the dwarven policy succeeded. When the humans of Brea made trouble, the dwarves had the orcs take care of it. When the elves tried to explore Once the Orcs made it clear that they were using all of the continent.

All was well until Great Chasm conquered the Dwarven Beneath. With the dwarves gone, some orcs took to piracy and raided Kallasihya. The shade-elves responded by raiding East Brea. The orcs and shade-elves exchanged raids for some time, until the Kallasihyans destroyed the city of Whitetower, razing everything except for the fabled tower itself. The destruction of Whitetower brought all of the Eastern Clans together, and together they made peace with the shade-elves.


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