There are several systems of currency used in the Long Sea. Here are a few of them:

Elven Coinage:

The dominant form of coin in the Long Sea has long been the Elven Royal/Imperial Silver Swan. Until the formation of the Empire, Elven Royal Swan coins were minted by each of the Fifteen Kingdoms. Each Royal Swan had the seal of the minting kingdom on one side and the face of the current sovereign on the other. Since the formation of the Empire, Imperial Silver Swans have the Imperial Seal on one side and the face of the Empress on the other.

Swan coins themselves are quite small. Approximately the size of a nickel. They are popularly known as “Swans” because ALL royal seals and the imperial seal display swans with some prominence, except for the Seal of of the Kingdom of Sigginor.

Other demoninations of Elven coinage include the Golden Bear (Which has the face of a high official from the minting kingdom, or for Imperial Golden Bears has the face of the Archduke of Sigganda), the Brass Star (which has the face of the minting kingdom’s chief religious figure, or for the Imperial Brass Stars the face of the Most Star-eyed One of Jenda), and the Copper Swallow, which was not originally minted by the elves, but was produced in the same style as an elven coin by the Victingese. The Copper Swallow has the Old Seal of Victing on one side and the face of Asherba I of Victing on the other.

Though most of the Imperial Administration resides within the Capitol of Jenda, the Elven Imperial Mint is located in Sigganda.

The rates of exchange between the different denominations vary across the world. Generally, the further you are from the elves, fewer Bears to the Swan and the more Stars to the Bear. Within the Elven Empire, the rates are (Swan/Bear/Star/Sparrow) 1/7/20/35.


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