Magic within the Dragonfall setting is a latent energy used to alter the world to someone/something’s will. This energy has several sources and several uses.

Sources of Magic:

  • Dragons
    - Emit magical power passively. Dragons release a great deal of magical energy for as long as they’re alive.
    - This energy may be harnessed by a non-magical creature that brings their will into partial alignment with the dragon.
    - Partial alignment is generally achieved by praying for that specific dragon to eat whichever nonmagical creature wants to harness its power.
  • The Realm of Faerie
    - The plane immediately above the normal world.
    - Energy from Faerie pours into the world in the places where the walls between the planes have become thin.
    - Faerie magic can be harnessed by Fae things in the world, or by people who have made a pact with a Fae thing.
  • Magical Creatures
    - Generate magical power within themselves.
    - Develop the ability to control their magic at a young age.
    - Tend to have the ability to sense magic.
  • The World Itself
    - Magic that is generated from the world’s natural processes
    - Harnessed by ritual

Uses of Magic:

See the powers-as-abilities section from the Strands sourcebook.

Magic Stops Technology from Advancing:

Technology within the Dragonfall setting has been unchanged for several thousand years. Magic has severed the development chain by creating alternatives to technology. Medicine has not developed because of magical healing. Industry has not arisen because the steam engine’s early forms are less efficient than the magical alternatives.


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