Free Kingdoms

The Free Kingdoms are a group of maritime territories south of Elvendom between the Dragonlands and the Wilds. The significant kingdoms include:


The dominant kingdom within the Free Kingdoms. A longtime commercial rival to Freeport. Victing has been leading Freeport since it formed an alliance with Sigginor.


Freeport is the longtime rival to Victing for leadership of the Free Kingdoms. From the time Freeport aligned itself with Memnalis, until Sigginor paid for Victingese modernization, Freeport was the dominant realm of the Free Kingdoms.

In recent decades, Freeport has become increasingly corrupt as the crown has lost control over the rougher areas of the city.

Freeport itself carries the aspects:

  • Seen Better Days
  • Attention from Jenda

Zones of Freeport:

  • The Crown Docks:
    - Aspects: Bureaucratic Entanglements, Quiet most of the time, Gendarmes within earshot.
  • Aleisdair’s Needle:
    - Aspects: Thick with Toffs and Fops, Robin Hood’s Wet Dream
  • Palace District:
    - Who Runs This Place? Bring me my Bribe, Read the Fine Print
  • Western Slums:
    - Keep your Friends Close and your Wallet Closer, Word Gets Around, Human Life is Cheap
  • Western Docks:
    - Not Illegal if No One Knows, No-Go for Gendarmerie, Puts Shanghai to Shame
  • Hatehowl Park:
    - Wretched Hive, Hatehowl’s word is law.


Inroads has never been a serious contender as a leader of the Free Kingoms, but it nonetheless functions as a vital part of the Free Kingdoms’ extended trade network. Almost all of its trade

Free Kingdoms

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