The first among the hatchlings of dragonkind (casually called “Firsters”) serve They That Fell. Most of the Firsters share physical characteristics with whichever original dragons spawned them.

Firsters under Grickard and his Followers:

  • Grickard’s personal Firsters are mostly flying black dragons, and mostly hatched from eggs laid by Nijya. Most of them stay around the southern end of the Valley of Slaughter and around the border with Elvendom.
  • Sholckard’s personal Firsters are also mostly black flying dragons. Most of them are kept around Port Flesh and around the southern part of the border with Eiya’s lands.
  • Remya’s Firsters keep to the middle of the territory controlled by Grickard.
  • Kanya’s Firsters keep to the border with Eiya’s lands.
  • Eleckard’s Firsters also keep to the border with Eiya’s lands.


Most of Eiya’s Firsters keep a low profile. All of them seem to be golden dragons like her, though how this can be is unclear. Nor is it clear which other original dragon(s) may have inseminated her eggs. Most of the hatchlings that roam the Valley of Slaughter are descended from Eiya in some way, which is why so many hatchlings call her the “Great Golden Mother”.


Chasm is not known to have any Firsters, or any offspring at all for that matter. If Chasm is male, this may mean that he is not capable or not willing to inseminate the eggs of another dragons. If Chasm is female, it may mean that she is either not capable of laying eggs, or has not allowed them to be inseminated. It may also mean that Chasm devours all of its own young before they get very large.

Ferma and Rastickard:

The Firsters of the Sea are generally left to themselves. Very few of them are known to trawl the waters around Tezra and Brea. A small group of them that closely followed Rastickard do live in the sea near Port Flesh.


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