Elves of the Sun

“Elven Civil War? ELVEN CIVIL WAR?!! ‘T weren’t a proper war at all, ‘t was just thirty lazy pointy-eared bastards sitting in a circle trying t’ out-woman each other. No surprise then that the only proper woman won a ‘war’ made like that…”
— Madman Murdoc on his time as a mercenary during the Elven Civil War.

If you say “Elf” to an inhabitant of Tezra, the Sun-Elves are who they would think of. Stereotypically blond and blue-eyed pointy-eared creatures of magic. The Elves of the Sun are descended from the elves that did not flee into Fae at the end of the Age Before. They have survived the time when magic had left the world, survived the return of magic, survived a thousand-year war with the Orcish Fae-cults, survived the arrival of the dragons, survived several wars with the dragons, survived the return of the Shade and Moon elves from the realms of Fae, and survived until the ascent of Rashellin as fourteen kingdoms in west-central Tezra. They are a proud race that has stood against the worst the world has known, and where they have not won, they have not lost.

Common cultural emblems of the Sun-Elves include the sun itself (Like the sun, the Sun-Elves always rise again), white swans (Which symbolize grace, beauty and monogamy) and the color gold (which symbolizes the light of the sun).

The average Sun-Elf will have access to significant physical and magical power. Players who wish to make Sun-elf PCs should steer towards either young elves that have not come into their power yet, or older elves that have either lost their powers, or had them locked away.

Racial Stereotypes:

Attitudes held by other races:
Humans: “Not bad masters, but I’d rather they didn’t own me.”
Dragons: “Elves are THE EVIL
Dwarves: “An irrational, unforgiving, shrill, overbearing, bloodthirsty monster. That is an elf”
Sidhe: “Sun-elves are good neighbors.”
Orcs: “We keep an ocean between us for a reason.”

Attitudes held by Sun-elves towards other races:

Humans: “At best, useful pets. At worst, locusts.”
Dragons: “We’re going to have to kill them all, eventually.”
Dwarves: “We’re going to have to kill them all, eventually.”
Sidhe: “They stay on their side. We stay on our side.”
Orcs: “They haven’t tried anything yet, but we’re watching them.”
Shade-elves: “So everyone who lives near them doesn’t think they’re real elves, and everyone who has never met them thinks that those near them are a bunch of hate-filled paranoiacs.”
Moon-elves: “These things are not elves.”
Halflings: “Humans, only worse.”

Racial Aspect and Trappings:

Trappings that come with a Sun-elf aspect include:

  • Magical Creature:
    - A Sun-elf can draw on their in-born reserves of magic to heal physical consequences. All physical consequences are treated as if they were one level less severe for the purposes of recovery.
    - A Sun-elf ignores the skill pyramid for magical skills.
    - A Sun-elf may sustain themselves off of their own magic, and forego food for a very long time.
  • Far-seeing
    - Sun-Elves can see further than humans. This does not give them a bonus to perceive things in their immediate vicinity, but everything within line of sight out to the horizon is treated as though it is within fifteen feet.
  • Long-lived
    - A Sun-elf’s natural lifespan runs more than nine hundred years.

Elves of the Sun

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