Elves of the Shade

“No, what happened was that the Kallasihyans threw him out for wanting to kill orcs. Half of Kallasihya came with him to Tezra and they killed dragons instead. The sunners couldn’t throw him out after that, so they put his kingdom as far from the dragons as possible and encouraged him and his descendants to pillage the East if they got bored.”
— King Tallador of Sigginor, explaining the history of of his kingdom to his children. As recorded in the 3822 edition of King Daddy by Princess Tira of Sigginor

If you ask a Tezran about the Dark Elves, he will soil himself. Then he will shout that he wants nothing to do with those black-skinned, black-haired pointy-eared creatures of terror. Originally provincial elves in the Age Before, the Shade-Elves escaped into Fae at the cost of 99 generations of indentured servitude. In Fae, these provincials were used as shock-troops in the unending Fae wars. Over time, they ranked as some of the most feared of all the Fae armies.

Eventually, the Fae lord that had brought them out of the world became so powerful that an alliance of other Fae lords moved to neutralize his elves. The Fae lords summoned Deep Shade, Outsider Fae god. Deep Shade, however, did not kill the elves as the Fae lords wished, instead it granted the elves some of its power, and used them to annihilate the Lords of the Near Fae.

With more than ten generations to go before their contract with their original Fae master ended, Deep Shade released his elves back into the world. Once back in the world, Deep Shade’s elves found that they still carried some its power. Their skin and hair had turned deep black, and they retained an innate ability to kill Fae.

It was not long before the new Shade-Elves found the newly risen Elven Empire in West Tezra. Contact between these two groups of elves did not go well, and the Shade-Elves went East to the great island of Kallasihya. After the arrival of the Dragons, the Shade-Elves fought a devastating civil war that led to half of them leaving the island to join the Dominion of Elvenkind as the Kingdom of Sigginor alongside the Fourteen Sun-Elven Kingdoms.


Attitudes held towards shade-elves:
Humans: “Scaaaaaaaary”
Dwarves: “If they would stop going along with what the other elves want, they wouldn’t be that bad.”
Dragons: “Elves are THE EVIL.”
Orcs: “The Kallasihyans were nice. The Sigginor are insane.”
Sidhe: “We stay away from them.”

Attitudes held by Shade-elves towards other races:
Humans: “Treat them well and they will make you rich.”
Dwarves: “Not worth our notice.”
Dragons: “They die funny.”
Orcs: Kallasihyans: “Orcs are our faithful allies.” Sigginese: “Should have killed them all when we had the chance.”
Sidhe: “Not worth our notice.”
Sun-elves: Kallasihyans: “Pretentious bastards.” Sigginese: “Together, we are strong.”

The Shade-elven aspect:

  • Skin-to-skin contact between a shade-elf and a fae-thing will instantly kill the fae thing.

The same general guidelines for a Sun-Elf PC would fit a Shade-Elf PC. Characters should preferably be young and inexperienced, or somehow inhibited from using the full power of a mature elf.

Possible backgrounds for a Shade-Elf PC might include:

Agent of the Consort/Sigginor/Kallasihya, Exile (for the same reasons as a Sun-Elf), Scout, etc.

Elves of the Shade

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