Elves of the Moon

Moon elves are unnaturally pale elves descended from another set of elves that fled into Faerie at the end of The Age Before.

Instead of becoming mercenaries, this set of elves became domestic servants to a set of dissipated fae. The magic of these fae quickly corrupted these elves, to the point that they barely resemble what they were before they entered Faerie.

Moon elves spent much less time in Faerie than the shade elves did, and first emerged into the world some thousand years after the end of The Age Before. Only about 6,000 years had passed in Faerie.

Unlike the shade elves, the moon elves never had much influence in Faerie, and returned to the world once they’d fulfilled their bargain with the Fae.

At first, when they returned to the world, the moon elves settled with the sun elves in western Tezra. A series of misunderstandings and political crises within the Sun Elven Empire led to the Elven Emperor issuing an Edict of Eradication against the moon elves. The moon elves moved to Brea before imperial forces began to carry out the decree, and ever since then the moon elves have left Tezra alone.

Racial Stereotypes:

Attitudes held towards the moon-elves:

  • Humans: “They make me nervous. I’ve heard things…”
  • Sun-elves: “These things are not elves.”
  • Shade-elves: “Don’t trust ’em.”
  • Dwarves: “At least they aren’t the damn sun-elves.”
  • Dragons: “Elves are THE EVIL.”
  • Sidhe: “Our brothers serve them in Faerie, we would bow to them if they came to our lands.”
  • Orcs: “These people are pure evil.”

Attitudes held by the moon-elves:

  • Humans: “I don’t think much about the livestock.”
  • Sun-elves: “We shall reconquer these peasants in due course.”
  • Shade-elves: “Something… feels… wrong… about these people.”
  • Dwarves: “Oh, the slave-race has forgotten its place.”
  • Dragons: “We’ve killed worse in Faerie. We’ll get to them in time.”
  • Sidhe: “Could be useful, once we get up there.”
  • Orcs: “Strong, plentiful, well-muscled and tasty. Our perfect slave-race and new favorite food!”

Moon elves are slightly smaller and whispier on average than other elves. All moon elves live in Brenia, to the south of Tezra. Moon elves have a special talent for glamour magic.

Elves of the Moon

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