Diaclyptic Traditions

The Diaclyptic Traditions are the formal name of a group of different religious beliefs, doctrines, and creeds held by sun-elves and shade-elves. Young elves are typically educated in the Traditions by their parents.

The elves do not believe that other (“lesser”) races should follow the Traditions, so there really are no books written about the traditions by the elves themselves.

This has not stopped various human and dwarf writers from making their own Diaclyptic Scriptures.

Common threads from these scriptures include:

  • Astrology of some sort.
  • Ancestor worship of some sort.
  • Some sort of way of “living like an elf” to increase a person’s lifespan.
  • Bizarre dietary restrictions that are certainly not followed by any actual elves.
  • Accusations that other Diaclyptic Scriptures are missing the point.

Diaclyptic Traditions

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