The Dreaming Knight

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The Dreaming Knight is a size 3 ketch built for smuggling:

Abilities: (19 points total)
Crew 2, Maneuver 4, Speed 3, Structure 4, Sensors 2, Speed 3, Systems 2, Weapons 2.


  • Waterborne, Floating
  • Draconic Mages (Weapon Rating 7, Range 2, -1 on roll per hex past 2 hexes)
  • Cargo Hold


  • Smuggler Ketch (Defining)
  • From the Finest Yards of Freeport
  • Looks like a Light Merchant
  • Fast Downwind (Speed)
  • Handles like a Dream (Maneuver)
  • Well-Constructed (Structure)

Refresh of 3, 7 Structure Stress, 5 System Stress, 5 Crew Stress


The Dreaming Knight was constructed in 3825 for smuggling operations around The Free Kingdoms. She fell under the command of Morris Roman after her previous captain was killed. Her owners were eventually imprisoned for their smuggling activities, and legal ownership of the ship was lost in a thicket of Victingese red tape.

Captain Roman and his crew are out to make a fortune. Lately, they have been hired by a dragon who has provided them with some supremely talented draconic priests.

The Dreaming Knight

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