Shaff the Faerie

Roger's Pet Faerie



Physical (5 Stress Boxes)
Str 2, End 3
Perc 2, Agi 3

Mental (5 Stress Boxes)
Crft 0, Will 3
Rea 2, Kno 1

Social (2 Stress Boxes)
Dec 3 Emp 0
Pers 1, Res 1

Faerie Magic 3

Defining Aspect: Immature Fae on the High Seas

Specialty Aspects:

Faerie (Willpower, Deception, Persuasion, Endurance)


Immature Fae
Unfavored Lineage
Spent his whole life in Near Fae


Faerie Magic


Shaff is a Faerie who appeared in the middle of the street in Iron Bay during a widening of the Abbey Rift. Roger Ruckett incapacitated Shaff on an iron fence, then hauled him back to The Dreaming Knight to be nursed back to health. Roger and Shaff have been unable to communicate thus far.

Shaff the Faerie

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