Richter Saidear

The shadowy spymaster working for the Dreaming Knight's employer


10 Refresh (-4 for Stunts) total 6

Great (4) Stealth
Good (
3) Burglary, Athletics
Fair (2) Contacting, Alertness, Investigation
Avrg. (
1) Deceit, Intimidation, Resolve, Sleight of Hand


In plain sight
Master of Shadows
Quick Exit


Unfortunate son from fallen nobility
My rage is terrible to behold
I do it my way
Finds comfort in the darkness
I am the Dragon’s Talon
House Saidear will rise again
Ears and Eyes Everywhere


Phase One: Born into fading glory

Richter was born the youngest of five children, all members of the esteemed Saidear noble house in Victing. He was mostly ignored by everyone except his father, the great military leader Bardum Saidear. Richter only knew his father a few short years, as he died suddenly in ship to ship combat. Regis Saidear, Richter’s oldest brother, became the new head of the house. Regis went quickly about running the family fortune’s into the ground, trying to capitalize on the goodwill Bardum had built up over the years. Alcohol, gambling and loose women became bywords of the Saidear house.

Finally Regis’s indiscretions led him into the bedchambers of the wife of another, far more powerful house patriarch. The scandal resulted in the almost overnight collapse of house Saidear, and the splitting up of the siblings as they fled the repercussions. Furious at the actions of his brother, Richter personally confronted him about his ruination of their name. Regis admitted that his lifestyle was born out of the guilt he felt over their father’s death. Regis was serving as a seaman on the ship Bardum was on, and he had been bribed to ensure they lost the fight. They didn’t tell him they intended on killing Bardum, but it happened anyway. Regis had been drinking and whoring away the truth from that day onward. Richter’s face suddenly went cold, and ignoring his brother’s begging to be forgiven for his actions, brutally stabbed him. Richter left Victing that night, never returning.

Phase Two: Richter Saidear in the World Most Cruel

Richter Saidear

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