Rastisha of Savian

Queen of the anti-imperial eleven exiles


Defining aspect: Rebel Queen

Other aspects:

“I will bring them down”
“our kind must never have such power again”
“I have already paid in blood”
“Caedin will pay for his crimes”

Specialty aspects:

“Death is life’s lense.” (Reasoning)
Set in her ways (Willpower)
Wisdom of the Savian (Knowledge)
Princess, Queen & Mother (Persuasion)
Aged with grace (Agility)


Phys – 4 stress
Ago 2, End 2, Per 2, Str 2

Ment – 6 stress
Cra 2, Kno 4, Rea 3, Wil 3

Soc – 7 stress
Dec 0, Emp 1, Psu 3, Res 2


Rastisha of Savian

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