The Empress of Elvenkind


Highest Skill: Alchemy +8

Public Aspects: Queen of Everything, Citysmith, Cold-blooded.

Popular nicknames: Lady Citysmith, The Coin Lady, The Swan Empress, The Barren Empress, The Butcher of Zald, The Witch of Jenda.


Born the daughter of Ejelan, King of Memna in 3674, Rashellin grew up as a royal princess. When Memna went bankrupt after the death of her father, she married Caedin of Sigginor, who helped her murder her brothers and usurp Memna’s throne. Once installed as Queen of Memna, she used Sigginor’s forces to viciously suppress those who opposed her rule. In the following hundred years she forged Memna into a powerful kingdom and eventually forced the Kingdom of Sigginor into vassalage.

With Sigginor under her control, and with favorable family connections to half the other Elven Kingdoms, Rashellin demanded to be recognized as the “rightful” ruler of the elves. After a brief and nearly-bloodless civil war, Rashellin became the first elf to wear the ancient imperial crown in five thousand years.

Once secure in her new power, Rashellin conjured the city of Jenda out of thin air. She now rules all of Elvenkind from her magic city.

Despite being married for nearly a century and a half, Rashellin and her consort have yet to produce offspring. Uncharitable numbers among her opponents believe this to be a sign of divine disfavor, though at age 209, Rashellin is still very young by Elven standards.

As the Empress of the Elves, Rashellin has the support of every elf who matters. Despite the harsh nature of some aspects of her rule, she is broadly popular among the non-elven inhabitants of the elven lands.

Since she came to power, all silver coins minted in the elven lands have her face on them.


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