Morris Roman

Captain of the Dreaming Knight



+ 4: Leadership
+ 3: Contacting, Resolve
+ 2: Melee Weapons, Intimidation, Rapport
+ 1: Ranged Weapons, Pilot, Resources, Endurance


  • Free Brean Naval Veteran
  • Lured by the Good Life
  • Raider of Draconic Lore
  • Eye on the Prize


Respected Leader
Battlefield Veteran
Anything Goes
Military Training

6 Phys
6 Soc


Morris Roman was born in the northwestern reaches of Free Brea. He went to sea at a very young age and gained a great deal of experience fighting Long Sea Pirates. He went to Freeport to make more money and wound up as a mate on the maiden voyage of the Dreaming Knight. When the Dreaming Knight was interdicted by patrol cutters, Morris rallied the crew, disabled the cutters and escaped. As the most senior officer remaining on the ship, Morris assumed command.

Since then, Morris has entered the service of a dragon to find the shards of the Heart of Tamrickard.

Morris Roman

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