Imaglin of Savian

Elven Consul of Iron Bay


Defining Aspect: Exiled to Far Away

General Aspects:
*Bitter Princess Witch
*Wisdom of Savian
*War wasn’t worth the cost
*"I run an inn for elven travelers."

Specialty aspects:
“My Necromancer Sister was the nice one in the family” (persuasion)
Healing Mage (elf magic)
Where does it hurt? (empathy)
Nothing I see shocks me (perception)
Don’t want to learn new tricks (willpower)

Str 1 Agi 2 End 3 Per 3

Cft 0 Kno 3 Wil 3 Rea 2

Dec 3 Emp 3 Psu 4 Res 2


Imaglin is Rastisha’s younger sister. She was married off to a powerful provincial family and had very little to do with Savian power politics. When the Elven Civil War came, she was at a safe distance from most of the fighting.

In the aftermath of Savianda’s destruction, Imaglin’s family was resettled in Jenda. Imaglin herself was assigned to act as an Imperial representative in the wilds of East Tezra. After an unpleasant series of events in Chaliceport, she has established herself in Iron Bay.

Imaglin of Savian

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