The Great Golden Mother of the Skies


Eiya takes the form of a humanoid with blonde hair, though she is generally a winged golden dragon roughly half a mile tall.

Highest Skills (human form): Resolve +12, Leadership & Intimidation +11
Highest Skill (dragon form): Aerial Maneuver +18, Perception & Endurance +17

Public Aspects (human): Alien Eyes, Conspicuous
Public Aspects (dragon): Broodmother of Dragonkind, Draconic Immortality, Golden Goddess


Eiya is the ultimate mother of most of the dragons. She also rules most of the Dragonlands has set herself up as the central object of worship for those who follow the Golden Way.

Arrival in the World:

Eiya fell to earth with the other original dragons.

When the 24 first Dragons first fell into the world, Eiya and Tamrickard emerged as their leaders. For the first thousand years that they lived in the world, all of the dragons stayed in what is now known as the Valley of Slaughter.


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