Consort Imperial of the Elven Empire


Defining Aspect: The Empire Means Business

Other Aspects:

A: The Empire Will Not Fail
B: Shameful and Bloody Prince
D: The Sword Hungers

Specialty Aspects:

Master of the Tamrickan (Strength)
Champion Swordsman (Strength)
“Lies are a waste of everybody’s time” (Persuasion)
Richer than most religions (Resources)
If they were against you, you’d be paranoid too (Empathy)

Phys – 7 stress
Agi 3, End 4, Per 0, Str 3

Ment – 6 stress
Cra 0, Kno 2, Rea 2, Wil 4

Soc – 9 stress
Dec 0, Emp 0, Psu 4, Res 5

Assassin Strike
Linguist (Sigginese, Dominionese, Longsea, Dragonlander)

Weapon: Tamrickan
WR 4, Range 1
Notes: Dragon-killing sword of legend.


Caedin was born in 3578 to Prince Vela, the second son of King Tallador of Sigginor. Caedin is the only child of Vela’s second wife, Isamira. Raised as a potential future king, Caedin grew into a highly competent prince. In the face of a conspiracy to remove him from the court, Caedin took up the Tamrickan, an ancient sword that possesses the memories of everyone it has killed. The possession and mastery of the Tamrickan gave Caedin the office of Royal Champion and guaranteed his position in the court. Caedin assumed his father’s responsibilities to be both Royal Champion and Chancellor of the kingdom of Sigginor, the first person to hold both offices since the foundation of the kingdom.

In pursuit of his duties as chancellor, Caedin arranged a marriage between Rivanar’s younger son, Falranar, and Princess Elisellin, the sole heir to the Nemalid throne. During the Eastern Silver Crisis, Caedin leveraged his earlier diplomatic successes to secure his own marriage to Princess Rashellin of Memna. With this done, Sigginor, Memna, Nemalid and Elgrid formed the Eastern Coalition, a common market.

With the return of the other elves from Faerie, the Fifteen Kingdoms became increasingly unfit as a means of ruling Elvenkind in the face of such a threat. Eventually, the kingdoms were abolished and a new imperial government established with Sethian of Guena as the first emperor. The great kingdom of Savian rejected this decision and Elvenkind lapsed into civil war.

Twenty years into the civil war, Sethian was deposed and Rashellin of Memna was elevated to Empress. Caedin took over the imperial side of the civil war and rapidly orchestrated a tremendous siege of Savianda. Overwhelmed, Queen Rastisha of Savian used the remaining power of her palace to re-animate all the corpses that fell assaulting her walls as her reinforcements. After a solid month of battle and over twenty million dead across both sides, Savian fell and the civil war ended.

The bloodiness of the final battle was entirely blamed on Caedin, who was stripped of all official titles and honors after an official investigation. Since then, Caedin has acted to promote the interests of the empire, albeit under a great cloud of suspicion.


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