Baron Remus Hatehowl

The Bane of our Existence


+ 5: Resources
+ 4: Resolve, Might
+ 3: Leadership, Intimidation, Contacting
+ 2: Rapport, Endurance, Melee Combat, Gambling
+ 1: Empathy, Sleight of Hand, Alertness, Athletics, Academics

Public Aspects:

Baron of Freeport, Reputation for Cruelty, Lord of the Underworld, I’ll get you Roger Ruckett, Dozens of Children.


Remus had a happy childhood. Too keep it from lasting too long, he murdered both his parents, built a fortune, hired some muscle and took over a huge chunk of Freeport’s non-mercantile industry. In his late twenties, he turned to usury and amassed great landholdings. One of the farms that found itself in his clutches belonged to Daniel Ruckett.

Baron Remus Hatehowl

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